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An organization’s success is closely related to the efficiency of its everyday business processes. Yet too many organizations continue to rely on outdated, manual processes that hamper productivity and interfere with effective decision making.  OPG-3 expertise in business process management can help your organization reinvent business processes to the maximum potential.

We offer the best local support and service, that isn’t outsourced by large national corporations. We advocate bigger is not better; and many of you feel the same way. We are committed to remaining local, loyal, and accountable to your business.  


Laserfiche Workflow is a flexible, easy-to-use tool for automating and optimizing business processes organization-wide. A central component of the Laserfiche product suite, Workflow enables you to map, model and manage your business processes to efficiently achieve your goals. With its ability to integrate with a wide variety of enterprise applications, Workflow can be used to execute repeatable processes in a consistent manner across the organization, optimizing resource efficiency, cost and service delivery.


Laserfiche is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that manages and matches
content across repositories. Application integration allows users to work together on business critical content wherever and however they work.  Laserfiche’s ECM structure enables easy extension and customization, while integrated records management simplifies and supports information control and compliance. Laserfiche manages more than seven billion documents for thousands of organizations worldwide.