What is it?

Datto provides total data protection and business continuity solutions built for businesses of every size, regardless of infrastructure.  With scalable storage options, extremely fast recovery times, and 24/7/365 direct tech support, you're getting the very best that data protection has to offer.

Deployed as a physical, software or virtual appliance, SIRIS 3 provides business continuity features, tools, and management capabilities to get up and running fast.  All deployment options leverage Datto's award winning core technologies, service, support, and central web management portal.  If you need to ensure business continues even when business infrastructure fails, SIRIS is the market leading solution for you.

For more information please contact Patrick Gadient at (651) 233-5075

datto | SIRIS 3 X

Datto SIRIS 3 X is the first all-flash Data Protection and Business Continuity Solution delivered on one platform.  
It's lightning fast image backup performance comes complete with Instant Virtualization technology that enables whole servers - or entire infrastructures - to be spun up in a matter of seconds on the device's local KVM hypervisor or in the 300+PB Datto Cloud.  The SIRIS 3 X Series incorporates support for protecting NAS shares, iSCSI boot, Windows, Linux and Mac agent support, and even the Infinite Cloud Retention long term storage offering.

Simple, Cost Effective Pricing

  • Time Based Retention with unlimited cloud storage for 12 months

  • Infinite Cloud Retention with long term cloud storage for the length of the contract

  • Agentless or agent-based with a single license


SIRIS 3 X | Benefits

  • Advanced SIRIS 3 BCDR capapilities in a variety of SSD storage sizes

  • Simple deployment

  • Central management in Datto's web-based console

  • Windows, Linux, and Mac system protection

  • Protects both virtual and physical environments

  • Hybrid cloud-based solution for instant onsite and offsite virtualization

  • Seamless integration with the secure Datto Cloud

  • Bare Metal Restore

  • Fast Failback

  • Advanced Screenshot Verification

SIRIS 3 X Flash Specifications

  • Capacity

  • CPU

  • RAM

  • Array

  • NICs

  • OS Drive

  • Transfer Drive

  • Chasis

  • Output Power

  • Input Voltage

1 TB or 2 TB Flash

Intel Core i3 2010U

16 GB

1 x 1 TB SSD or 1 x 2 TB SSD

2 x 1GbE

1 TB or 2 TB SSD


Nano ITX Zotac

250 w

120 - 240 V