Laserfiche Rio gives your organization central control over its information infrastructure,
while also offering individual business units flexible content and business process management.

With bundled functionality, unlimited content servers and its own licensing server, the system provides you with unmatched deployment flexibility. With a fundamental design structure engineered to meet the needs of the IT Department, Laserfiche Rio is designed to be easy to purchase, easy to deploy, easy to support and easy to extend. 


What’s the IT Department to do when leadership teams want centralized processes to mitigate risks and optimize costs, but employees don’t want to use an inflexible system that forces them all to work the same way?


Laserfiche Rio is the answer. By combining comprehensive ECM functionality with powerful business process management (BPM), security and auditing tools, Laserfiche Rio provides a premium enterprise content management (ECM) infrastructure that: 

  • Manages your content

  • Integrates with your existing IT portfolio

  • Supports intelligent decision-making, enterprise-wide

  • Grants the IT Department central control over standards, security and auditing

  • Gives individual departments flexibility to customize their filing structures, views and workflows



With its agile ECM framework and philosophy, Laserfiche Rio is designed to give your organization central control over its information infrastructure, including standards, security and auditing, while also offering individual departments, offices and business units local flexibility over content and business process management. This unique design creates value by providing a single system that meets the needs of all departments while improving compliance by implementing a central point of control over enterprise information assets.


  • A licensing server to produce system licenses

  • Unlimited Laserfiche content servers

  • A fully functional, true thin client interface

  • The Laserfiche Workflow system

  • A built in auditing solution for security and compliance

  • DoD 5015.2-certified records management

  • Production-level document capture and processing

  • Read-only public Web portals with unlimited public licensing

  • An SDK that includes COM, .NET and Java libraries