Benefit Extras is an outsourcing company for employer groups.  The company manages Flexible Spending Administration and Cobra Administration as well as other services.  


The company has gone from a total dependency of paper and traditional file cabinets to a modern convergence of electronic records.  Even the company’s Multi-functional copy machine with Fax is paperless.  The unit receives faxes electronically and is integrated into their Laserfiche Document  Management System.  According to Office Manager 
Kari Marois, the “Paperless” record system is outstanding.  It not only saves space, it saves on wasted time filing and looking for misfiled records. Now their team can focus on customer relations and instantly find records without getting up and looking through a file cabinet.  It is far more productive and saves a lot of time and money. 
Kari also mentioned that she enjoys working with OPG-3,Inc. office staff and technical personnel. 


RMS is a Cretex Medical company that was established in the 1960’s.  Because RMS operates in the medical industry there are many requirements for document retention. These requirements had the company buried under paper before we partnered with OPG-3, Inc. in 2005 to install Laserfiche. We have utilized Laserfiche to open floor space that used to be holding filing cabinets of paper. The first project that we undertook was to create a workflow to pass our pre-production paperwork through customer service, engineering, scheduling and purchasing.
This project alone saved us many hours of work as anyone could now see the information they needed without having to search for the folder on individual’s desks.

The partnership with OPG-3, Inc. has strengthened through the years as we have utilized Laserfiche’s many capabilities to make RMS more efficient. One of these projects was to use Laserfiche’s Quick Fields program by
bar-coding our paperwork for ease of filing. Our latest venture has been to export information from our ERP system and have Laserfiche retrieve the related documents into a packet for ease of printing. Laserfiche has worked so well for RMS, we have made the decision to use it all of the Cretex Medical companies and OPG-3, Inc. is the partner chosen to work with us through the transition.