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OPG-3 is a service-oriented organization focused on delivering innovative Laserfiche solutions and world-class customer service.


With nearly 30 years' experience, we have developed an approach and menu of templated solution frameworks that allow for rapid deployment and return on investment. We view customer engagements as long-term partnerships and work hard to earn and retain your business every day.

Mission and Values

Nick F, Nebraska

OPG3 is a god send. We rely on them to support us not only in maintenance but also to build out new folders and workflows for people that need a process built in Laserfiche. We don't have the expertise in house. OPG3 fills that gap and then some

Mission and Values

We make work fun by allowing people to focus on what they love to do and minimizing what they have to to do.


We are dedicated to eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks through process re-engineering, integration, automation and transformation.

We believe in:

  • Working as a team to develop innovative solutions that make our customers' lives better

  • Developing long-term relationships with customers who trust us to get the job done

  • Treating challenges as opportunities to apply our creativity and expertise in order to find breakthroughs

  • The idea that great customer service starts with loving what you do

We Value:

  • Fun

  • Innovation

  • Flexibility

  • Teamwork

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Dedication

Sales Process

OPG-3 Sales Process

We solve business problems, not symptoms

We have developed a sales process designed to quickly determine whether our team, services and solutions are a good fit for your organization. Our goal is to:

  • Take the pain points you describe and find the business process they're tied to

  • Map out the process and identify where the pain points occur

  • Follow the process upstream to determine the root cause of the problems

  • Determine whether we can eliminate the issues through process automation or re-engineering

  • Demonstrate the proposed solution

We follow a straightforward and efficient  4 step process:

Step 1

Overview Demo

  • We show a demo first to provide context and give you a feel for the user experience provided by Laserfiche software

  • In most cases, we can show relevant examples of solutions to the same business problems your organization is facing

  • The demo will get you thinking about ways to reimagine the way you do things and prepare you for a more detailed discussion

OPG-3 Implementation Methodology

No plan survives first contact with the enemy

- Helmuth von Molke

Phase 0

Project Setup, Requirements and Design


  • Project onboarded and Team site created

  • List of prerequisites developed and vetted by Project Owner

  • Project Kickoff presentation created and meeting scheduled


  • Project prerequisites completed

  • Project Kickoff meeting

With nearly 30 years' experience implementing Laserfiche solutions, OPG-3 has learned a lot of lessons about what does and does not work. There are issues inherent with any project that requires you to change the way you work and we prefer to tackle them head on. The primary tenets of our approach include:


  • All technical prerequisites should be cleared before kickoff and project work begins to avoid the kinds of delays and work stoppages that kill momentum and morale within the team

  • It's simply not reasonable to expect users to document and finalize detailed requirements without the context of the user experience and specific functions of the solution being implemented

  • People will be more likely to thoroughly test and be able to use the solution effectively if their ideas and feedback are incorporated throughout the solution design process


In practice, OPG-3 has developed a customized implementation of the Agile project methodology that includes components of the more traditional Waterfall methodology to help manage budget, timeline and payment milestones. From Agile, we incorporate rapid prototyping and weekly Sprint demonstrations that solicit and incorporate feedback. From Waterfall, we run the project through five phases with defined activities and deliverables that must be accepted before we move to the next phase.

Implementation Methodology
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