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OPG-3 Solutions

OPG-3 specializes in the design, implementation and support of content management and process automation solutions using Laserfiche software. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of organizations to solve their business problems and have developed a series of templated solution frameworks for common issues our customers face. We offer these "Menu Solutions" to provide highly configurable solutions to common business problems at an attractive price point.

OPG-3 Foundational Solutions

Foundational solutions are focused on the efficient capture and management of content in a Laserfiche repository. It's the first step in an organization's digital transpiration and provides the infrastructure necessary for more automated and transformative solutions.


All OPG-3 Foundational Solutions include the following components:


  • Streamlined, multi-channel capture strategies that utilize metadata fields dynamically populated from other systems so users can make a couple of quick choices and the system will do the rest

  • Filing workflows that build and manage the file plan - well organized folder structure, standardized document naming, metadata schema and record keeping rules - in Laserfiche automatically

  • Business processes that can be triggered automatically to keep the content in Laserfiche synchronized with your systems of record

  • Web forms that allow users to manage and update the file plan without assistance from IT or OPG-3


Common applications of foundational solutions include:


  • Capture and management of personnel files with business processes to accommodate change of name and employment status

  • Capture and management of student records with business proceses to accommodate change of name and enrollment status

  • Capture and management of "property-based" files with integrations to GIS, permitting and licensing applications

  • Batch processing of checks with supporting documents integrated with the finance or ERP system

  • Capture and management of files managed by the City Clerk such as minutes, resolutions and ordinances as well as contracts and project documents

OPG-3 Process Automation Solutions

Process automation solutions are the result of a desire to start (and keep) processes digitally and utilize integration to eliminate redundant data entry steps that typically cause delays or bottlenecks in the process. By automating processes, organizations also look to gain more control over each step and utilize reports to continuously improve their operations.


OPG-3 works to meet organizations where they are while keeping the primary goals in focus so we typically design solutions that:


  • Include multiple paths to start processes and complete steps to accommodate a managed transition from physical to digital media

  • The use of web forms integrated with other systems to minimize user input, provide immediate visual validation, eliminate redundant data entry and keep data synchronized between applications

  • The use of well-formatted web forms with conditional display rules to request and display information in the proper context and keep things as simple as possible

  • Task assignment based on business rules and team membership to make sure items are routed to the right people for review, analysis and decision making

  • The collection and/or creation of documents to ensure compliance with record keeping requirements


Common applications of process automation solutions include:

  • Contract management including contract drafting, approval and execution as well as management of key dates/milestones and processes to renew, terminate and amend contracts.

  • Expense reimbursement and P-Card reconciliation including capture of receipts, conditional approval and posting for payment

  • Employee onboarding and offboarding including the creation, completion and execution of onboarding packet

  • Annual performance reviews including management of dynamic questions, scoring and generation of formal report

  • Grant management including internal approval, management of application and tracking of reimbursement

OPG-3 Process Transformation Solutions

Process transformation solutions are the result of a wholistic review and reimagining of a process or collection of processes with no requirement to retain the status quo. Inputs and outputs may stay the same but everything in between is fair game. Decisions can be automated, information is shared immediately and only exceptions require manual intervention.


OPG-3 focuses on the core requirements of the process and uses information from any and all data sources to apply business rules without human intervention, pre-load forms with information to facilitate decision making and pieceing together a complete picture from multiple pieces to save people the trouble of checking multiple systems. We often combine multiple Laserfiche components in novel ways to achieve the desired user experience for a given action or step.


Examples of process transformation solutions include:


  • AP Automation with automated invoice import and processing, PO (creation and) management, dynamic coding, conditional approval, (2 or) 3-way matching and automated posting for payment

  • Online Permitting with PermitWorks provides an online front end to a legacy permitting application where property owners (and contractors) can apply for permits online, upload plans for review, pay via credit card and receive their permit via email to print and post

  • Election Judge solution to hire, onboard and train election judges, manage and staff precincts and maintain judges, applicants and notes for future elections.

  • Field Training program for public saftey officers that tracks their progress, records daily observations from cadets and training officers and compiles the comprehensive portfolio needed to show completion of the program

OPG-3 Partners and Integrations

OPG-3 enjoys strong partnerships with highly regarded and trusted software developers that provide the tools we use to help solve our customers' business problems. Our Partners include:


Laserfiche was named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms and has been a pioneer in the industry for nearly 35 years. Known for providing easy to use, highly customizable solutions that offer great value, Laserfiche is the solution of choice for more than 35,000 organizations worldwide.


OPG-3 is the premier Laserfiche Solution Provider in the Upper Midwest and has bee designing, implementing and supporting Laserfiche solutions for nearly 25 years.


DocuSign is the worldwide leader in electronic signatures and their technology is tightly integrated with Laserfiche. OPG-3 recommends and configures DocuSign when processes include signatures.


cardconnect provides integrated credit card payment services and can be tightly integrated with Laserfiche Forms. OPG-3 recommends and configures CardConnect when processes include online payments.


Skyward is a leading provider of Student Information and ERP solutions for K-12 school districts. OPG-3 has developed and supports integrations for Skyward regardless of platform or deployment approach.


civicsystems is a leading provider of ERP and Utility Billing solutions for municipalities. OPG-3 works in partnership with civicsystems to provice cities with best-of-breed, integrated solutions.


SpEd Forms is a leading provider of solutions designed to simplify the management of paperwork related to special education services. OPG-3 works with SpEd forms to seamlessly migrate finalized documents into a well-structured Laserfiche repository where they're managed according to record keeping rules.

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Partners and Integrations
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