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Modernize the way you make information and services available to the public

  • Do residents still have to make an in-person visit to submit completed paperwork and provide payments?

  • Are your "online forms" simply fillable PDFs that actually get printed and passed around?

  • Do you respond to information requests by gathering, copying and printing out documents that must be picked up?


You can quickly modernize the way you interact with your colleagues and constituents with a Laserfiche Cloud site license and "menu" solutions from OPG-3. Our Municipal Infrastructure solution will allow you to:


  • Capture and file public records and make them immediately publicly available online

  • Create a centralized document repository that allows you to quickly respond to information requests digitally

  • Quickly find information so you can respond to questions/inquiries over the phone or through email


Additionally, with public facing web forms tied to business processes you can rapidly push services online by:


  • Publishing applications for things like permits and licenses as web forms and collect payments online

  • Automate the review and approval processes and keep things digital

  • Generate official documents and send them electronically to eliminate in-person visits


Laserfiche and OPG-3 provide more than 100 solution templates to help you kick-start your digital transformation.

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