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Tired of your colleagues asking you for documents? Share them effortlessly with Laserfiche.

At OPG-3 we have helped more than 150 municipalities create an online repository with Laserfiche that makes capturing, managing and finding documents effortless. Our Municipal Infrastructure solution includes streamlined capture and automated filing processes for the primary document collections you work with.


By using automation to build and manage the repository, your documents are immediately available for access through a "Google-like" quick search that combines:


  • Full-text searching on all imaged and electronic documents

  • Partial matches to metadata and document/folder names

  • Fuzzy logic to account for misspellings and OCR errors

  • Root word logic to find different applications of your keywords

  • Boolean operators to multiple search terms or exact phrase logic when quotes are used

  • Contextual clues to help you find exactly what you're looking for


Additionally, by defining common "Document Collections" we create an integrated file plan that facilitates the natural sharing of documents between departments that contribute to and utilize the collections.

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