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Content Management and Process Automation for K-12 School Districts from OPG-3

More than 75 K-12 school districts have chosen OPG-3 and Laserfiche as their digital transformation partners. These are organizations that are required to carefully collect, manage and protect documents and information related to employees and students. This challenge is compounded by the rapidly changing environment in which this content is created, collected and consumed while the regulatory compliance requirements are increasing in complexity.

Laserfiche has garnered industry recognition for providing user and administrator friendly solutions to complex business problems. With security and records management baked into the the core software, compliance is the natural outcome of using Laserfiche. Licensing and packaging options from Laserfiche include:

  • Cloud-native, Self-hosted and Hybrid deployment options

  • Multiple licensing tiers and user license types to optimize functionality scope of deployment

  • Highly discounted "Education User" licenses to accommodate large populations of infrequent users

To help K-12 school districts rapidly deploy Laserfiche sollutions, OPG-3 has developed a menu of templated solution frameworks that lower costs while providing a great deal of flexibility within the framework. "Menu" solutions for K-12 school districts include:

  • Departmental infrastructure solutions that streamline document capture and automatically build and manage the file plan in Laserfiche - Watch a demo video!

  • Solutions to capture and manage student records including integration with your Student Information and Special Education systems - Watch a demo video!

  • Human Capital Management solutions to streamline processes that affect all employees such as Onboarding, Annual Performance Reviews, Trainings, Disciplinary Action and Offboarding - Watch a demo video!

  • Financial processes that streamline cooperation across departments such as AP Automation, Expense Reimbursement and Purchasing Card Reconciliation

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